Sunday, September 16, 2012

GDG Cebu shares Presentation on "Google Tools for Developers" in Cebu's First Software Freedom Day

A view of the audience who participated in the First Software Freedom Day.
The First Software Freedom Day in Cebu held at University of San Carlos was a huge hit. As a proof, more than a hundred participants from the academe and business sectors packed the Bunzel Audio-Visual room to participate in the event.

As its support to the event, Google Developers Group (GDG) Cebu Community Manager Ruben Licera Jr. shared to the plenary "Google Tools for Developers." In his presentation, Ruben emphasized the one-stop website where every developers interested in Googles Technologies and Tools should go:
GDG Cebu Community Manager Ruben Licera Jr. talks about "Google Developer Tools."

Below is the full copy of Ruben's presentation:

GDG Cebu would also like to congratulate SFD Over-all Chairman Rachel Jaro and the organizing team for a job well done. 

SFD 2012 Chairman Rachel Jaro

The SFD organizers


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