Wednesday, January 8, 2014

GDG Cebu 2013: The Most Productive Year Ever!

"2013 Proved to be one of the most productive year of GDG Cebu," shares Google Developers Group (GDG) Cebu Community Manager Ruben Licera Jr.

The community that traces back its revitalization mid of 2012, the organization now is the largest network of developers in Central Philippines with more than 250 members and growing.

GDG Cebu Events

With the participation of its members, GDG has organized the following events for 2013:

    • Cebu
    • Bohol
  • GDG Mapping Events
    • BUSINESS MAPPING in three locations
      • GDG and GBG Cebu Business Mapping - CEBU CITY
      • GDG and GBG Cebu Business Mapping - CEBU PROVINCE
      • GDG and GBG Business Mapping - BOHOL
      • GDG and GBG Cebu Landmarks and Heritage Mapping - METRO CEBU
      • GDG and GBG Cebu Landmarks and Heritage Mapping - CEBU PROVINCE
      • GDG and GBG Cebu Landmarks and Heritage Mapping - BOHOL

GDG Cebu's critical contribution to Central Visayas and the Philippines are the following:

All of these maps were completed and done with the support of the different GBG, GDG and GSA Communities in the Philippines.

GDG Cebu On the Press

GDG Cebu has also caught the attention of both local and national online/offline media. Here are some of them

GDG Cebu Supported Events in 2014

GDG Cebu also extended support to some community related events:

GDG Cebu is managed and organized by passionate volunteers of the community namely: 

GDG Cebu  is proud to be mentored by +Aileen Apolo (Fairy God Mother!), +Chelle Gray (Mommy Chelle!), and mentors +Jerome Locson and +anne olvido. Special thanks also to +Van Riper, +Stephanie Liu  and +Uttam Tripathi for continued support.

We also like to extend gratitude to the other GDG Community Managers who continues to share their time and inputs: +Jomar Tigcal (GDG Philippines), +Celine Marie Barrozo (GDG Philippines), +Wayne Manuel  (GDG Philippines), +Reymart Canuel (GDG Baguio), +Theofrenz Cayambas (GDG Hanselma), +Andrew dela Serna (GDG Davao), +Josan Astrid Dometita (GDG CDO), and +Yolynne Medina (GDG Zamboanga).

We thank our our supporters, partners and our dedicated and passionate volunteer organizers for making GDG Cebu what it is today: "a progressive community dedicated to provide relevant support to developers."

GDG Cebu is looking at 2014 as another progressive year for the organization. More events are lined up in 2014.