Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why GDG Cebu Supports and Celebrates Software Freedom Day?

On September 20, 2014, we will celebrate Software Freedom Day. We will be celebrating the said event too. Here are the details:
When: September 20, 2014 (Saturday)| 1:30 - 5:30 PM 
Where: The TIDE Cebu, 7th Floor, Skyrise 1, Cebu IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City 
Registration Form:

Do you know why we celebrate Software Freedom Day?

To give you a background about the event and its importance let us go back to the basics of defining free and proprietary softwares.

Free Softwares vs Proprietary Softwares

Ever heard of free software? It’s a software that gives its users the freedom to run, modify and distribute the said software however they want to. Basically speaking, you can do whatever you want with this software and nobody would sue you for it, not even its owner, because, it was created for that purpose. One is able to modify the said software via its source code.

Free software is different to proprietary software. The latter is what you would call a closed program - there are filters preventing you from accessing its source code, hence preventing you from modifying the program altogether. In short, proprietary software is the complete opposite of the free software. Examples of a proprietary software would be Microsoft Windows and Adobe FlashPlayer.

Now, why are we talking about these two in the first place? Well, that’s because I wanted you to know what these are because Software Freedom Day revolves around these two. Now off to the main topic at hand - what is Software Freedom Day?

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What is Software Freedom Day?

Software Freedom Day is an event spearheaded by Software Freedom International. It is held yearly on different parts around the world. And the reason why they do it is to celebrate the creation of Free Software and to make everyone more aware of it, how they can use it and what are the benefits to using it.

Softwares come in all sizes and with it comes potentially unwanted programs as well. By making it open source, one would be able to see the source code of the said software - you would be able to know how it ticks. By making it transparent, you can be sure that the program you’re using doesn’t carry anything else aside from what you wanted. This is the main point that the event is trying to deliver to its participants.

Another point that they’re trying to get across are the potential unwanted effects that a closed software may bring to you. You can examine their source code, thus, you won’t be able to determine what they do aside from the task that they are supposed to do. You can’t even be sure that they are working as you had intended them to do. Other closed software even carry the risk of having unwanted programs in them, making them potentially dangerous as well.

SFD is a global group study that teaches us the reasons as to why software transparency is an important factor that we mustn't ignore just because the closed software that we’re using are functioning properly. It’s a good experience that we can share with everyone and the knowledge learned here can also be applied in our daily lives in this world that’s brimming with technology.